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BackUp and DNS Options are no longer available
BackUp and DNS Options are no longer available
Nov. 11, the .dk forums will be moved to a new server
Use the .com forum for support
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What is a forum?

It is an Internet place where people can write and exchange information. Anyone, even with no experience can open a Forum and discuss his/her favourite subject with other people with the same interests. This is a community! Opening a forum with us is free and easy. You can shape your forum through the admin panel and you are NOT required to be a master in HTML or PHP!!!

What is

It is a site created by the authors of one of the greatest Italian web communities (more then 70000 users, around 2 million pages seen monthly, and over 100 staff members) who have put their experience in order to help all the people build their own forum and community without having to spend time and money (everything's free) on server, domain and software development.
Here forums are created using phpBB Technology on a server with 100 MB/s connection, 4 Intel Xeon CPUs, MySQL Database, Apache server and Linux system environment: this grants stability, speedy and reliabilty. All the data is processed with PHP preprocessing and transmitted compressed to increase performance and reduce costs. ForumUp grows every day according to the demands of the people using it.

Contact us by visiting Help Forum

Click here to create a new forum


Free address
Categories, Forum and boundless discussions
Public and Private forums
Powerful search engine
Private Messaging System
Optimized for best search engine indexing
Links visible only to registered users
Mail all registered users
Many beautiful themes to choose from
Hundreds of smileys to be used
More than50 languages
Here is a complete list of the features...
User Guide for start
Good customer service 24-7-365 

Special features

100% customizable theme by CSS (eg: Shakira Shiver, CoseDaSpose and Aquatic Babble)
Fast and easy images uploader on posts.
Possibility to replace the logo from ACP (Admin Control Panel).
Use of keywords (METATAGS) to improve search engine positioning.

Fee options

Possibility to remove advertisement from your forum, replacing it with everything, also your own advertisement code.
Download Backup
Area to add html codes on top (header) and bottom (footer) of forum pages.


Send DEM - it's possible to buy the possibility to send advertisements by email to all our users.

List of all ForumUp sites in the World Wide Web

Categories and list of forums

What do you/they say of us? Read the feedback of who chose us and use!



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